We receive reservations data from the HOST PMS every hour. HITs sends us information three times a day, at 6AM, 2PM and 5PM.

Depends on the PMS. Protel/HITs and Host charge a setup fee and a monthly maintenance fee.

Yes, Climber can migrate your historical data from your old PMS to the new one for a nominal fee.

At the moment, our integrations are all 1-way.

At the moment, we do not have a STR interface.

It depends on the PMS, and how quickly they can establish the interface. After the interface has been connected, it takes roughly one week to start using the reports in Climber. The pricing and forecasting features require a few weeks more to be fully configured.

In the first quarter of 2020, users will be able to configure their budgets directly inside the Climber application.

Reports & Reservations Data

A reservation in tentative status corresponds to an unconfirmed reservation that can apply to either individuals or groups.

This is in our development pipeline and will probably be released sometime in 2020.

We do not have a no-show report.

Climber does not have a specific report on past days that have been altered post hoc. However, you can see the pick-up for the past days on the Pick-up report, as long as you change the “as of date” to also go in the past.

Yes and No. When we first import your hotel’s data, we receive only the final view of the closed reservations. However, for new reservations as time goes by, we collect all the states that a reservation passes through. We have logic to calculate STLY values based both on the initial importation of data and the evolution over time.

We do not have a specific report on late cancellations as of yet. However, we are considering implementing a “booking analysis” dashboard that would most likely reveal the time windows of when cancellations tend to occur.


Inclusion of a chain view is in our development pipeline for 2020.

Yes, there is a stand-alone beta version for now. It will be incorporated into the Climber App soon.

Rate Shopper

Up to 10 competitors, selected by the hotel.

You can choose up to 13 room types in OTA Insight and also the different regimes (Refundable, Non-Refundable, RO, B&B, All inclusive, etc.)

If a hotel has sold out all their standard rooms for example, then they won’t see a price for that competitor.. Just, “SOLD OUT” or “NO DATA”.

A basic subscription with OTA Insight will only furnish prices from and city demand. Additional OTAs can be added at an additional cost.

Climber is able to provide a tool with what-if scenarios and information for evaluating the MAR for each specific group, considering the existence of displacement.

Rate shopping through OTA Insight and Climber guarantees that one is comparing apples vs apples.

Pricing, Group displacement, Rate Parity

Climber recommends prices for the standard room type only.

Yes, Climber provides forecasts up to 3 months ahead for revenue and occupancy.

At the moment Climber doesn’t recommend rates for different typologies, but room differentials can be handled by your channel manager.

At the moment we don’t have an alert system in place, although it’s possible to compare rates directly from the pricing calendar in the Climber App.

This is something that is not supported for now.

This is unsupported for now.

Yes, only if done manually on the Climber side. We don’t yet have a control panel where the user can change these sorts of configurations manually.

We do not take the budget into consideration. Climber’s pricing algorithm is based on seasonality and the relationship between price and demand in that season.

The rates we receive from OTA Insight do not include the per person city tax.

Fees & Subscription

Yes, variable amount, considering the number of rooms and number of hotels per chain.

Due to the effort from our team, we don’t run free trials. We can make smaller contracts or provide you with a demo account to explore the application’s features.

Yes, we have the complete RMS or Climber Lite (Reporting+Forecast+Group Displacement);

Yes, we give free training to all of our clients for the teams who will use Climber in the hotel.

Data Protection, Data Quality Assurance

We understand. In fact, every company that is dealing with clients’ data is obliged to respect the GDPR by signing a data management agreement. Plus, our software does not collect personal data (data that can identify a guest).


All the amounts are after-tax but don’t consider the partners’ commissions, if they were inserted into the PMS. For Price Recommendation, the values displayed at retail prices, i.e. they include taxes.