Hotel Revenue Management
Made Simple.

We are here to help you optimize your revenue strategy, earn more and spend less time going through spreadsheets.
Easy-to-use, with no integration fees.


Easy to use

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can quickly take stock of your business and know exactly where you stand.

Smart reporting

Get detailed reports tailored to your needs that provide actionable insights to improve your business.

Agile pricing

Take the pain out of pricing with a data-driven pricing recommendation system that suggests optimal prices for the next 365 days.

Boost your revenue with Climber.

Our smart platform automatically detects new revenue enhancement opportunities and issues recommendations to optimize your business.

Feature-packed to better help your decision-making.

Request a free demo and take an in-depth look at what Climber RMS can do for your hotel.

      • Pricing recommendation
      • Email summaries & notifications
      • Accessible & intuitive UI/UX
      • Custom Dashboard
      • In-depth smart reporting (BI)
      • Time-saving
      • Extended forecasting
      • Use of market data
      • No integration fees
      • Free premium support (phone or email)
      Available on future releases:
      Additional features

      (for complex & advanced RM pratice)

      • Group Displacements
      • Rate fences

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