Climber Smart Pricing

Start pushing prices right way with a price optimization tool that doesn’t need a PMS Integration

Take control of your hotel’s pricing strategy with an easy-to-use pricing tool that gives you flexibility and freedom. Set and send prices to your online channels in minutes with a few clicks.

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Climber RMS APP
Increase Average Revenue

Create your own rules to configure your pricing strategy just the way you need it


No PMS integration needed enables immediate results

Access Best Strategies

Create your own rules to configure your pricing strategy just the way you need it

Channel Manager

Distribute your prices with a single click across all your online channels

Rate Shopper

Choose the rate shopper that makes the most sense for you

Competitor Analisys

Keep track of your competitors and use them to your advantage

Realtime Dashboard and Pickup Report

Know where you're standing, so you know where you need to go


Know what's coming so you can take action

Booking Window and Booking Curve

Understand the evolution of your bookings

Easy and fast pricing recommendation and distribution without PMS integration

Try Climber Smart Pricing for free!

customer service support
Support 24x7

We will give you training on how to use Climber for free. At Climber we will always be there to assist your needs.

multi user
Multi Hotel/Multi User

Our solution is suitable for different types of personas inside the hotel and also for different types of hotels

RM Academy

We give you the possibility to make courses with RM Academy - specialists in Revenue Management

Be a Partner, not just a customer

Your input and feedback from using Climber is a key driving force for continuous innovation that benefits everyone. Rest assured that we hear your voice and actively encourage our users to engage with us so that we can craft a product that delivers increased value to our clients.

Manuel Oliveira DHM

“What makes Climber stand out from the other options is its usability, with a user-friendly and very clean product, and also the very close relationship we have with the team, always helpful and available”
– Manuel Oliveira, Revenue Manager @ DHM