Os Melhores Revenue Management Systems (RMS) para 2020

Como escolher o melhor Revenue Management System para o seu hotel?

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Impacto do COVID-19 na hotelaria – Climber RMS & RM Academy

O Coronavírus está a impactar drasticamente a economia global, mas neste artigo de opinião iremos centrar o foco da nossa análise na indústria do turismo e hotelaria a nível nacional.

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budget for hotels

How To Create a Budget for Hotels

This is the time that GM’s, Revenue Managers and Sales hate the most as it is the time for budgeting. A lot of hours will be spent in meetings analyzing data late into the night.

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The Battleground for Customers – Book a hotel or stay at an AirBnB?

Technology and economic growth have contributed to many changes in the life of hoteliers. Technology has contributed to a massive increase in the reach that hotels have over the past 20 years.

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