Full-stack Developer

Lisbon, Portugal

Climber is hiring for a full-stack developer who has a preference for the front-end to help us develop some sweet functionality that improves the UX for our clients. Climber is a B2B SaaS in the hotel revenue management space. We’re looking to bring someone onto our team to start in early October. If you’re interested in working in a startup environment with a small team of smart people where your voice and thoughts make a difference, then this job could be for you.

About the Job

You’ll be working with a small, closely-knit team of two full-stack developers to improve the robustness, performance, reliability, and scalability of our application with a particular emphasis on developing front-end features.

You’ll have a keen eye for design fundamentals and be able to detect when best practices in design are being violated. This position spans a wide spectrum of skills that includes familiarity with design, having a vision for how the small details fit into the bigger picture, working with customized open-source tools, scaling performance, and putting out some fires from time to time. You’ll faithfully navigate the waves of the front end but be comfortable diving into the depths of the back end whenever necessary. The name of the game at Climber is to process large amounts of data coming from hotel property management systems and other data sources and assist in converting this raw data into valuable business insights for our clients.

You’ll have a chance to work in a young, dynamic environment where you will be positively challenged, and also supported through those challenges. We hope that you can grow and learn with us and that we can also learn and grow through our interactions with you. We take great joy in developing the best product that we can and we operate under this mentality. Our product is more than just software, it’s the people behind the software, and our aim is to develop the best version of ourselves possible.

Here are some of the things we’ve recently worked on, that might give you a better idea of what we’re up to:

  • Taking business intelligence reporting in the hospitality industry to the next level by
    • Building a modern dashboard for tracking key performance indicators
    • Building a powerful report that lets users analyze and visualize incoming hotel reservations forwards and backward in time
    • Building a fully flexible calendar date picker that allows for sophisticated comparisons in multiple time dimensions
    • Building support for exporting complex reports into excel
    • Building API connections to connect with and process data from key business partners
    • Designing an intuitive UI for hoteliers to define their hotel room pricing strategy in a convenient way

About You

We’re looking for someone with solid experience who’s hungry for a new challenge. We value people who can think for themselves and can go after what is important without needing to be pushed there. We don’t expect that you’ll be anywhere near 100% efficiency when you first arrive, and we’re okay with that! We work in a complex business domain and we’re here to help you get started. What’s important to us is that we build a trusting relationship with one another, based on respect and honesty so we can work together to deliver jaw-dropping value to our clients.

You would ideally have fluency and experience with:

  • JAVA 8
  • JAVA Spring Boot and Model View Controller (MVC)
  • Angular ≥ 2+
  • Typescript, with particular knowledge on how to do generics
  • Database (SQL), particularly multi-tenancy
  • HTML
  • CSS & SASS
  • Writing structured code

Pay and Benefits

You will be able to take advantage of many of the benefits that working at a smaller scale company has to offer, such as:

  • Open communication with one another
  • Work with an international team
  • Fresh fruit, snacks, coffee and tea
  • Daily ping pong sessions
  • Cool team building exercises from time to time
  • Flexible working hours with the possibility to work remotely part of the time
  • Having your voice heard and respected
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • No strict dress code
  • Being highly valued as a person
  • Possibility for stock options

Salary is to be negotiated, but we do pay competitively depending on your experience.

How to Apply

Send us your cover letter and CV to hr@climberrms.com. We’re accepting applications until October 1st, 2019. We will read every single cover letter and give you the courtesy and consideration that you have given to us by participating in this application process.

Since we’re big on working together, you will be interviewed by your future colleagues. We’ll show you some of our code, you show us some of yours and we’ll have some nice discussions to get to know each other. Thank you for taking the time and the chance to move forward with us.

We look forward to hearing from you.